Mahmoud Youssef 
3D Technical Director
Cairo, Egypt
About me:

 I have a great experience in Maya, i have 8+ years of production experience. Specially all technical parts like rendering ,rigging , scripting and complex challenges
Latest projects 
Currently i`m working as TD for a Turkish Movie Called “Kral Şakir “ i did all the rigging for all 80 Characters and also the lighting materials setup for the all the locations and lighting scenes. 
Produced by Grafi2000 animation studio
Release Date is 11/5/2018

I was the executive director( Technical ) Egyptian TV series “Bakkar” also i was responsible for all rigging and lighting and modeling.
CairoCartoon animation studios

I`m enjoying building complex systems and looking for creative solutions.

I have a good communication skill and ability to work interactively with the rest of the team.

Strong understanding of the cg production process, from asset creation to final compositing
i have a great knowledge of python and Mel and i have been learning c++ for a year until now, i took 9 courses in it in “rigging dojo” ,”udemy “ and “university of Michigan”,and i start to implement it in the work flow.

I have a solid understanding of the musculature anatomy and topology and i have modeled full body with a perfect topology based on the muscles groups for both body and face.

I have been responsible for the rigging and rendering work flow for a TV series for 3 seasons until now,i have created a python script to generate a procedural facial rigging joint based and it used for rig more than 120 character and i have modified the “rapid rig” script to meet our need in the pipeline.

I created a lot of scripts for everyday tasks using python and Mel to minimize the need to do any boring stuff.

I created a script for creating a complex environment, facial rigging and rendering optimization.

I have created a pipeline script that takes the joints and control placement based on the vertex id and i have worked with the molders to make a base mesh to create all characters from it then the script places all the joints in it`s correct location then importing the skin weights also based on the vertex id

I`m really self motivated I'm working really hard to push my knowledge boundaries.

I have created a multi mask gizmo for nuke from arnold id it takes id with Gaussian filter and closest filter to create the coverage map from them.
courses and certificates:
        • Maya professional certificate 2015 from Autodesk 
        • More than 60 certificate of complication with exam from Digital-Tutors In Maya Intermediate and advanced 
        • Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) by University of Michigan
        • Maya API course from Rigging Dojo
        • Python For Maya: Artist Friendly Programming From Udemy 
        • Empower Yourself with Advanced Python Skills From Udemy 
        • Complete Python Masterclass From Udemy 
        • Complete Python Bootcamp From Udemy 
        • C++ Programming from Zero to Hero : The Fundamentals From Udemy 
        • Learn Advanced C++ Programming From Udemy 
        • Learn and Understand C++ From Udemy 
Levels Of Proficiency In Software:
        Intermediate to Advanced.
PFTrack :
        Intermediate to Advanced.
Work Experience:
Executive Director (Technical) Handling and planing the pipeline for the workflow, Leading the rendering , rigging and composting team.
November 2014 - Present Cairo, Egypt
I was the technical director for “kiral sakir” movie it will be in cinemas on 11th May 2018
I was responsible for the workflow and the pipeline, from the characters topology, rigging, work
closely with the animators to creat a robust rig system,also i was responsible for the lighting and
optimizing the scenes.
November 2014 - Present Cairo, Egypt
FreeLancer Creating advanced tutorial in Photoshop
Arab Gulf 
rending supervisor Rending very complex scenes in Maya with Arnold
characters with hair (Xgen , NHair), animals, crowds, melting objects ,interiors and jewelers
April 2013- October 2014 Cairo, Egypt

El Nour Channel
Graphic head ,Designing, Animation, Branding for on-air and off-air. 
Designing promos, creating and animation for slot graphics and all day to day graphics requirements from producers or any other channel graphics requirements. 
Taking creative briefs from group head and delivering them as per the channel requirements and standards.
June 2013 - December 2013 Cairo, Egypt
Create a 3d Illustrating and directing the art team which is around 5 to 15 of members
creating book covers and magazines lay out
October 2010 - May 2013 Cairo, Egypt
HB For Multimedia
3d artist creating channel identities

Scripting Experience 
I`m concentrating on automating everything in the process 
so i started with creating an auto-rig for the facial called FemtoRig , femtorender , and FemtoEnvironment,
they are created in python and i have took some c++ courses but did not find a require to implement it in the projects i worked on yet.
The rigging script is femtorig briefly its a joint base facial rigging script. It has skinning tools to automate the skinning process and it`s controllers are responding to the blendshape also so you can have a seamless integrations between blendshape rigging and joint rigging ,
The rendering script is femtorender it automating creating shading network process , and light linking is super cool , and optimizing tools like creating auto create rayswich any render engine after grabbing an average color from the plugged texture and it smart enough to get the textures in the complex setups , and automatic creating aovs and custom aovs , and rgb masks and a lot more ,
The environment script let you easily create a complex environment with maintaining the memory you can create scenes with 150 million polygons very easy just use the power of particles instancing ,
I have created more than 150 small scripts for everyday work the top ones are doing things such as:
Create pose reader with Maya nodes on any to selected joints.
Snap to the closest point to any selection to a referenced mesh with two options snap pivot or snap area mesh.
Changing references based on a prefix.
Creating an LOD from any selection by duplicating and reducing version.
Create a an empty ground under any selected controller and reconnect it to all things that was driven by the controller. 

Rigging Experience
In rigging i have 4+ years of experience
i have a very good knowledge of anatomy.
I have strong understanding of both figure and facial anatomy
also complex character and vehicle rigging experience in Maya in film and TV broadcast
thorough understanding of weighting, skinning and be able to work interactively with modelers to resolve challenges.
Always troubleshoot problems for animators and other artists to break through blockers and exercise inefficiency from work flow
sharing is a milestone to build up any team so spread knowledge of the team’s process and help teams expand their technical know-how is something really important to me.
Able to rig characters/objects in a realistic or cartoon manner.
Good Mel scripting, and very good python scripting skills.
Engage in rigging and muscle structure (joint chain creation, hierarchies and broken hierarchy techniques, stretchy limbs, squashing bellies, character silhouettes, squishy faces, rolling tongues, bulging eyes and outlandish expressions).
Gained extensive experience in ik fk blend, smooth skinning seamless deformation, corrective blend shapes, facial expression using bones and blend shapes, ribbon ik, hair dynamics for secondary animation, also worked on props modeling, dynamic simulations, particle effects, compositing.
Coordinate and liaise with the fellow members and provide new and innovative concepts for effective design.
I have took some c++ courses but did not find a require to use it in the projects i worked on yet.
And i have created a facial auto-rig script femtorig
Rendering Experience
I started my career as renderer and i have the ability to utilize in-house tools to solve technical problems and improve performance.
I see that the rendering process is mix between tow things technical part and artistic part
Artistic part: 
Like design principles for example balance , rhythm , unity , proportion ..Etc and also lighting rules , and color theory, composition, light, and form.
The technical part:
Briefly optimizing the scene to be rendered as fast as possible without any flickers also the scene optimization like light linking , optimizing the shader , level of detail good instancing and the overall set-dress ,creative ways to create a complex environments.
In production i have worked with a lot of render engines such as , arnold , redshift , vray , mental ray and i have the ability to create a cartooning looks and cinematic looks.
The script that i made for rendering called femtorender is simplifying and standardizing all the rendering process very much,automating creating shading network process , and light linking is super cool , and optimizing tools like creating auto create rayswich any render engine.