This is an advanced script Written in python to let you easily create a complex environment with maintaining the memory you can create scenes with 150 million polygons very easy just use the power of instancing
A) The main features:
1) you can make more than one system in one scene.
2) edit the the systems and update there pregames at any time using the script.
3) add and remove elements to the system after creating it.
4) random offsite can be added to the emotion can be use to create a floating leaves into your scene
5) random rotation values with Align to surface option while keeping the randomization on the Y rotation.
6) random scale options you can define the minimum and the maximum range with Uniform scale option.
7) Altitude options which can let you easily trimming the particle ether from top or from bottom like if you have a river and you wont the grass stop just on the water level you can easily specify the world Y position for the water
8) Sloping options which let you remove the the objects from the sloping areas or the flat areas
9) Textures options which let you attach texture to limit the scatter in certain areas or type text or logo with grass or something with invert option.
10) Camera options it`s a very important and memory efficient option which allow you to attach camera to your system so the objects is in the camera will be visible and the object out of frame will be invisible with two attributes to control how much is the margin is.
11) tow types for allocating the objects ether by the surface or just at the vertexes.
12) delete selected particles it`s a very useful tool which allow you to deleted the selected particle if you wont to remove any of already scatted objects after creating the system
B) Complementary tools:
The Complementary is a collection of tools which will help you for preparing the objects to be scatted efficiently.
1) separate by material which will allow you to separate your objects be it`s martial
2) Ground pivot it snaps the pivot to the bottom center for the selected objects
3) Parent to world it regain the world position for the objects "like if you freeze an object and you wont to get the world vales back you can use this button"
4) Arnold proxy creator it`s a grate tool it creates proxy for selected objects with maintaining the shading network as it is ''if you have one object has multi material assigned to it you can Separate it by material first"

you can download it from creativeCrash
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